You may have fewer scenes in a web show but they are very effective: Aparna Dixit | Web Series

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Having done multiple TV shows in the last eight years and now two back to back OTT series, Agra girl Aparna Dixit feels excited about the kind of experimental roles coming her way.

During her recent visit to Lucknow, where she has shot both the series, she says, “No matter what you have done before, you have to look forward to the new work. After playing the lead in different daily soaps, I am very excited that I am getting to do very strong roles which are challenging me as an actor.”

Giving a peek into the roles she tells, “First I shot for Exit where I play a very strong character of a cop, whereas in Sabse Bada Rupaiya I play a very raw character of Gudiya which has gray shades as well.”

Coming to Lucknow again and again she feels like being at home. “I have shot two web series in Lucknow in a row. Shooting here is like shooting amidst your family. I am from Agra but I get the same feel here. Just like my hometown, this city’s food excites me a lot as I am a big foodie. Also, I am not one of those actors who will be starving or be on a diet. I enjoy trying different stuff and believing in exploring local cuisine. Then, eventually, it’s up to you to check the portion size and then burn it out.”

Aparna at Bada Imambara on her visit to Lucknow.

The Bepahan Pyaar actor was last seen in TV series Pyar Ke Lukka Chuppi,

“OTT as a medium is different from TV. First, it’s a short shoot format and you may have fewer scenes but they are very effective. However, I love both mediums and don’t differentiate. Many times people ask now that you have done three series so won’t go back to TV. But, for me, I have started my journey with daily soaps and TV will always remain very special platforms.”

Earlier too she has done an OTT series Unafraid, “The series did well but being on a popular platform also makes a difference. So, as an actor, one should keep experimenting with different platforms. Currently, I am loving my web stint but I am open to TV as well. The only thing is that the content should be good. I am the kind of person who can sit ideally and thankfully there are so many brand endorsements and content creation options which keep me busy

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