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Hello, all the web series enthusiasts, finally your patience is going to be over as your favorite and highly anticipated series “Wrong Turn” is set to make its appearance on ULLU. Which you all were eagerly waiting for, so just be ready to grab it at the right schedule as only a few moments are left in the broadcasting and you will get your favorite one. But besides all these, initially, you need to get the essential information such as release date & time, spoiler, review, preview, star cast, etc.

Wrong turn ullu app web series

The makers are releasing “Wrong Turn” on 24th May 2022 on ULLU Officials so just be ready and set your television or mobile screen, while having the subscription as everything is paid there. Midst all these, a few specualtions are coming out while claiming it more intense than prior series, as all characters are following the mysterious story along with the temper of unpredicted activities. In short, the story will definitely live up to your expectation, as you could get a glimpse through the promo as the makers have dropped already. Because till now, it has fetched uncounted views with the reaction of admirers.

When we talk about the storyline, so it revolves around a newlywed couple who is looking ahead to make their fantasy life amazing, but due to some inner problems of a man his wife does not satisfied despite making many attempts. In short, her fantasy life gets ruined totally as her husband is not eligible to fulfill all her wishes. Therefore, she looks for someone who could make her feel over the top while getting intimate with her, and finally, she finds someone a neighbor who lives next to her. As she sees him while having intimacy with a girl and sets the goal to get him as soon as possible due to his charm and the thing she wants.

Wrong Turn Star Cast

  • Paromita Dey
  • Lakshay Handa

So, just be ready to make yourselves acquainted with such a sizzling and fantasy-rich series as it is on its way to occupy your TV and mobile screens. But prior to all these, you must be keen to remain your app subscription, as only a few moments are pending in the broadcasting. Once you will get access then you could watch all those series too which have been released already by the makers. So do not forget to stream it on ULLU at the correct schedule and for more details stay tuned with us.

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