Watch Cyanide ULLU Web Series All Episodes Online, Actress Real Name Age Instagram

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Hey. Folks! Your favorite online streaming site ULLU is back once again to make you feel over the moon and wet and fill your watch time with thrill and suspense with its upcoming web show, Cyanide Ullu. As per the name, you must get the idea of ​​what the show will keep itself, and there is no doubt that ULLU has been managing its fan base among the audience very pleasingly from erotic to suspense; the show has done a fantastic job.

Watch Cyanide ULLU Web Series All Episodes Online, Actress Real Name Age Instagram

Well, the makers of Cyanide have dropped the show’s trailer where one thing is clear that this time, as usual, you will watch the same story as App’s previous shows because mouthwatering and jaw-dropping scenes are going to take place on the screen. Still, along with erotic scenes, there will be some psycho kinds of stuff that is putting the cherry on the top because here you will watch a super fantastic story that usually you watch in foreign countries such as step-mom and son’s relation and the same thing hope you got the exact scenario in your mind. Also, this time night will be so warm because the story and scenes will come in Hindi.

Watch Cyanide ULLU Web Series Online

When it comes to speaking about the summary of the story so, there will be plenty of adorable women in the show whom the boy kills by stabbing and giving Cyanide pills. The main thing is that every lady murdered by him shares a bed with the killer before. The story begins with a lady and her stepson; the lady is full of desires and undoubtedly super cute with some curves.

At the very beginning of the show, you will be enjoying the scenes that will bring water in your mouth; however, it will last till the end of the show, but in between the front, there will be some shots of stabbing that perhaps make your throat wet because of the horrific death scenes. Well, amidst plenty of victims, there will be only one girl who remains alive, named Aisha. She is the only luckiest survivor of those Cyanide poisoned pills administered by her husband, Mohan.

Later, Aisha finds his involvement in the other 12 serial killings and gets shocked. When she gets to know, and when Mohan finds about this, he kidnaps her son or, better say, her son to get rid of all police trials. He then absconds with his next prey named Sana, another beauty in the show straight from Kashmir’s Gulmarg. Now, this will be so unique that Aisha will succeed in saving her son, and how soon will the truth come out. Stay tuned to get more updates.

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