Saucony Originals Azura Ski Jacket


The Azura Ski is a new star silhouette of Saucony Originals’ autumn/winter line-up. Taking inspiration from the 90’s nylon winter bomber jacket…

source: Azura Ski Jacket

Saucony has a roster of retro runners that are all similar in appearance, but they look just different enough to pop when being redesigned for today. The Azura, although it has creepy looking Reebok Crossfit logo as the A, is one of the lesser known retro models from the brand, but it arrives again with a toasty lining perfect for the colder winter months when you simply don’t feel like wearing a pair of boots or sneaker boots. Taking inspiration from the faux lining of a ski jacket the inside of the shoe provides warmth while the rip-stop and micro-suede upper is designed to hold back the elements, but isn’t waterproof. We can definitely forgive that as the shoes only ring up at 100.00 dollars. A great fall trainer for the winter season at a reasonable price. Use the source link to check out the shoes.

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