Parde Mein Rehne Do promises gentle handling of a tough subject


Karachi: Impotence seems like a very heavy issue to think about during the Eid break, but the way Wajahat Rauf sees it, testing the waters is definitely worth the risk. Shazia Wajahat, producer of Pardey Mein Rehne Do (PMRD), Ali Rehman Khan, who stars with Hania Aamir, and director Wajahat Rauf all agree that while the subject may be controversial for Pakistani audiences, exploring it has its rewards. “It’s something that we don’t talk about in our society,” Rehman says. “You don’t even hear the whispers.” Culturally taboo, and perhaps a sore point for those who have encountered impotence and infertility firsthand and in their immediate circles, does the PMRD really hope to attract audiences and good reviews? Wajahat Rauf believes the subject matter has been treated with respect, both in terms of seriousness and with the conservative viewer in mind. “There are certain outright allusions or portrayals that we’ve seen in foreign cinema,” he says, referring to the trailer for an Indian film about erectile dysfunction, “that our audience doesn’t is not ready, or may never be. Our values ​​and societal etiquette may never allow it. “But Rauf is not here to change mentalities or challenge the status quo: he respects the culture we live in and wants to do his job without offending anyone. To illustrate this, he talks about a sequence of the film which was shot, but which did not make the final cut. At the same time, he believes that streaming has changed the type of content we consume. Shazia Wajahat supports this and adds that exposure to all kinds of digital content has matured the palate and expectations. “We are done with Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge,” she says. “The time has come for this.” Apart from how audiences would receive the film and its subject matter, it will also be interesting to see how the popular perception of Ali Rehman might change after the film’s release. Rauf says that although Rehman has never had the conversation with him, it’s “a big deal for an actor, a man to play this role” because audiences tend to associate the character with the actor. For Rehman, accepting the role was a no-brainer. not hesitating to play the role, I was adamant to play it. “We play a lot of characters that excite us and the one-dimensional ones that run our kitchen, something like that is just a goldmine of performance potential,” he says. “Not only was it fun to play, but all I do is add to my credits and my portfolio.” While now we just have to wait for all the Eid releases to decide whether we like them or not, and what they’re right or wrong about, we can say with certainty that PMRD is a release we’re looking forward to.

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