Bug Tracking System: Bug Tracking

At work we are testing bug tracking systems, bug tracker, or bug tracking system, various ways of naming the same thing. In a software project, it is essential to keep track of errors in the code, even says Joel. It is very useful to maintain quality in our software, especially during the development stage, but… Read More »

5 types of programmers 2022

 Another list on “types of programmers”. Already at the beginning of the blog I commented on this, translating part of Jeff Atwood’s article on the two types of programmer. I also published a webcomic with the types of programmers, which includes a fairly extensive list. And if you look, there are many more lists on… Read More »

Gitray – Easy Project Navigation on GitHub

 Gitray is a web application for viewing the files of a project on GitHub by emulating a text editor with a project directory tree. Author’s motivation:     I found that I wanted a quick way to view a project without having to clone it and open it in Sublime. Navigating the GitHub site can be… Read More »

Meld – Visual tool for diffs and merges

Meld is an application to compare files and directories and merge them (“join them?” For lack of a better word). It is part of the GNOME project and its core applications. In my days as a KDE user I used a similar tool: Kompare. I have not used tools of this type for a long… Read More »

Fill an array with numbers in Javascript

Many times I am using some example array for articles and always the first step is to initialize the array. So today we are going to see a simple way to do it and see how we can fill an array with numbers in Javascript. The idea is to fill it in with the same… Read More »

Remove items from a list with Python

In a previous article we saw how we could add elements to a list in Python, now we are going to see the complementary and we will learn how to remove elements from a list with Python. To do this, the first thing we will do is create a list of elements, in this case… Read More »

Request data with prompt in Javascript

These days I am preparing a simple Javascript manual that you will soon find in Manual Web and which I want to accompany with simple examples about Javascript. That is why I will be publishing here some things that some will seem too basic and for others it will help you to get started in… Read More »

Remove duplicate items from a list with Python

 We have already validated the three ways in which items can be removed from a list, now let’s see how we can remove duplicate items from a list with Python. In this case we return from a list of elements that we initialize with numbers:list = [1,4,3,4,5,1,2,8,7,4,3,1,3]Remove duplicate items with remove If we have read… Read More »