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Hello, all the ULLU web series lovers. Finally, your patience is going over as the makers of “Charamsukh” are ready to drop another sequel called “Charamsukh (Impotent). Since the makers made an announcement, the curiosity of the admirers is hitting the brisk up to the extent. Because whenever something gets released on ULLU, it enhances the immense interest among everyone to know the comprehensive details. Because the series was being waited for a long by everyone, they could not wait for more. So below, you can check the essential information such as release date & time, star cast, actress wiki-bio, spoiler, review, and preview.


The makers are releasing “Charamsukh (Impotent) on Friday, 11th February 2022 officially, so just gearing up yourself to watch it because only a few moments are left in the broadcasting, and you will get your favorite series. If the speculations are to be considered, this sequel of Charamsukh will be overwhelming enough as it contains more fantasy scenes that will make you feel over the top. But now, the whole attention has been grabbed by the series’s storyline, which is a bit different from other parts.

When it comes to the spoiler, the story revolves around a man whose age numerics are increasing, and his close ones are forcing him to marry someone before it is too late. But, they do not know that he is suffering from issues of stamina and workforce, for which he has taken many medicines as well, but he did not get the improvement. But one day, his secretary fixes an interview and asks him to select her as she can work equally well, and when she comes into his cabin, he gives her a deal to marry him.

Impotent Charmsukh Star Cast

Hitherto, approximately 275,187 views have been caught by the exclusive promo of the series along with 7k likes, which indicates that the series is going to be overwhelming enough. All fantabulous characters will portray their feelings, which will make you feel fabulous because something different is contained in the story. So here we have unleashed such details that will prove beneficial for you at the time of streaming it, so watch it at the correct time, and for further information, connect with us.

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