“Gaachi”: The trailer shows the desire of Justice of Some Wives in the Village

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The trailer of the Ullu app’s most awaited series Gaachi has been released. These web series contain a lot of drama cheating and thriller. This web series mainly belongs to the category of erotic drama.

We all know that the Ullu app is one of the most consistent OTT platforms revealing back to back different types of web series like Exit, Gaon Ki Garmi 2, Games of Karma Chal, this not the end there is also many shows like Chatmsukh Live Streaming , Pratiksha 3 Web Series, Hotspot Raatein Rangeen Banaayein, Palang Tod Anniversary Gift. The teen audience has already shown their love for the shows.

Gaachi Web Series Ullu Cast, Release Date (2022) - WP Grouplink

Gaachi : Plot

Gaachi is the new web series on Ullu App, it is mainly an Indian Hindi language series and the first season of the series has already been released. The first season was a blend of thriller and drama. This time the series revolves around a village the place where the man used to go to Kotha of Gulab Jaan.

Gaachi Ullu Web Series Cast, Release Date Watch Online

The trailer reveals that the man is telling about his hobby of the Man to go to Kotha. Now the entire woman of the village takes the decision to hand over the justice system from men. Now, the main question is they will be able to take the justice system if they fail they w what they will do”

The trailer of the series reveals with the following quote, “ Pairon ki jooti maan kar, rondha tha apno ne dhool Mein, bharosa kiya tha aise rishton pe bhool Mein.” Actually, the story is about the lives of some call girl in the village. All the men of the village visited to meet them after they get married and while the wives come for justice, they get the punishment.

Gaachi : Cast

This series is featuring Rani Chatterjee, Garima Jain, Priya Gamre, Ankita Dave, Prajakta Dusane, and Lokesh Tilakdhari.

Gaachi Web Series Ullu Cast, Release Date (2022) - WP Grouplink

Gaachi : Release Date

Ullu confirms that this Hindi language series will release on 21st January 2022 on Ullu App.

Here is the trailer:

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