Exclusive: Priya Gamre joins the cast of web series Majboori

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Priya Gamre will be part of the cast of the upcoming web series Majboori.

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Director Manmeet Singh Sodhi will join hands with Producer Dr Uday Modi of banner Platinum Pictures for a new web series. Titled Majboori, the web series will dwell on the fact that how desires can always lead a person to have psychotic behavior which becomes a threat to society.

The series will be a five episodes series. It will stream on Ullu Originals. The casting for the series is done by Ankit Jaiswal and Devtosh Mukherjee.

Earlier we wrote about actors Ayushi Jaiswal, Sakshi Parihar, Shikha Malhotra, Sabi Nayak, Piyush Sukhiya, Manish being part of the series.

We now hear of actor Priya Gamre being locked for a crucial role.

We buzzed the spokesperson at Ullu but did not get revert.

We buzzed the actress but did not get through to her.

Watch this space at IWMBuzz.com for updates.

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