Cyanide on Ullu: Review, Release Date, Story, Star Cast, Trailer & More

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The Indian Video-on-demand/streaming platform Ullu is known for its adult content and owing to this sometimes, it faces criticism too and often it comes to the light cause of its 18+ scenes in their shows, but this time the digital platform has come up with an exciting web series Cyanide.

The web series Cyanide is based on a serial killer and Yes! of course, there will be hot content filled in the show too, after all, it’s Ullu how! can’t it be?.

Cyanide Star Cast

However talking about Cyanide it features Sharib Hashmi the JK from the Family Man Franchise playing the antagonist role, along with him famous Tv actress Sara Khan, and Akshita Agnihotri and Mir Sarwar also featuring in the Web Series.

Cyanide Story

It is being said that Sharib will play the role of the antagonist Mohan who marries women and then killed them with cyanide poisoning, Sara Khan who is playing Aisha will be the lone survivor of those killings, and apparently, Mohan is playing Aisha’s husband, who had poisoned 13 women, he kidnapped Aisha’s son so that she doesn’t go to the police station and he remains safe from the trials.

Further, in the show, He tries to poison a Kashmiri girl named Sana from Gulmarg. There are three questions that arise here that will Aisha be able to save his son from the antagonist, what happened to Sana did he succeeds to poison her or what instigates Mohan to do all these murders, or where the hate for women came into his mind ? for this we have to watch this gut-wrenching story that is premiering exclusively on the OTT platform Ullu.

Cyanide Review

Reviews are positive for Sabir Hashmi’s web series:

Cyanide Trailer and Release Date

Makers uploaded the trailer of the show on 9 Nov, on the official YouTube channel of the platform, announcing the release date of the show.

They wrote in the caption, “Watch ‘Cyanide’ on 19th Nov and Discover the Truth of His Wrecked Affair with her Desirable Stepmother That triggered the Killings.” Hence, Cyanide is premiering on 19 November 2021 on the digital platform Ullu.


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