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Elastic 7.11: New versions of Ruby clients for Elastic Enterprise Search and Elasticsearch

Yesterday, Wednesday, February 10, version 7.11 of the Elastic stack was published. The stack is published together, so we have version 7.11 of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Elastic Enterprise Search, and other products of the Elastic family. In the client team we develop the official clients for Elasticsearch and Enterprise Search, and we generally release the… Read More »

Nintendo Switch – Nintendo’s new video game console

 In March 2015, Nintendo confirmed that it is working on its next video game console, codename: NX. Today, Thursday, October 20, the long wait ends and we finally meet Nintendo Switch: Nintendo’s new video game console, Nintendo Switch, is the fusion between a console connected to the television and a mobile device. In the living… Read More »

Are you aware of privacy? Data privacy day, and every day?

 Mozilla is a nonprofit organization that helps keep the internet healthy, open, and accessible to everyone. Here is a translated article from his blog: In a world where applications, products and devices work with your personal data, raising awareness and enabling people to protect the privacy of their data is more important than ever. Data… Read More »

Essential extensions for GNOME 3

 While GNOME 3 is a fairly friendly desktop environment, there are some old habits that don’t die. When migrating to this version, there were several changes in interactions or behaviors that it gave as de facto standards. Some I got used to, others not. Luckily, in free software everything is customizable. The first tool I… Read More »

New design in Chopping Code 2021

 If you visit the blog and do not read it from some other site or an RSS reader (no, they did not die with Google Reader!), You will notice that I radically changed the design. The last few times I’ve created a new WordPress blog theme, I always write it from scratch. This time was… Read More »