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Fill an array with numbers in Javascript

Many times I am using some example array for articles and always the first step is to initialize the array. So today we are going to see a simple way to do it and see how we can fill an array with numbers in Javascript. The idea is to fill it in with the same… Read More »

Request data with prompt in Javascript

These days I am preparing a simple Javascript manual that you will soon find in Manual Web and which I want to accompany with simple examples about Javascript. That is why I will be publishing here some things that some will seem too basic and for others it will help you to get started in… Read More »

Fill an array with random numbers in Javascript

 Some of you might think that what we explained in the article on how to fill an array with numbers, apart from the didactic part, would not have much applicability since we load an array with the same number. If it is true that the use cases are less, but so that you can get… Read More »