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Essential extensions for GNOME 3

 While GNOME 3 is a fairly friendly desktop environment, there are some old habits that don’t die. When migrating to this version, there were several changes in interactions or behaviors that it gave as de facto standards. Some I got used to, others not. Luckily, in free software everything is customizable. The first tool I… Read More »

Private and secure instant messaging 2021

OTR – Off-the-Record messaging allows us to have private conversations by instant messaging. In these days of mass surveillance and where everything we do – inside and outside cyberspace – can be manipulated and used against us, it would be good if we all used this technology in our communications. Privacy I’ve been using OTR… Read More »

How to Become a Quality Web Design Company?

 If we question the question of which features should a quality web design company host, we will have the opportunity to see the truth quickly. Let’s review together the signs of quality that must be observed in the web agency that incorporates quality. How should a quality web design company be in general terms? If… Read More »

What is Dns Prefetch, How and Where to Use It

DNS prefetch is a way to speed up web pages by resolving the DNS address in advance. The use of rel = dns-prefetch indicates that the browser needs to resolve the DNS of a particular domain name before it can be called explicitly, as <Link rel = “dns-prefetch” href = “”>. This code basically says:… Read More »

We Evaluate Professional Web Design Concept

Websites are one of the indispensable promotional elements of companies. Corporate companies that think up-to-date and follow the technologies of our age invest in certain budgets in order to benefit from software technologies at the highest level. They aim to get the maximum return on the capital they put forward. So, is the service they… Read More »

New design in Chopping Code 2021

 If you visit the blog and do not read it from some other site or an RSS reader (no, they did not die with Google Reader!), You will notice that I radically changed the design. The last few times I’ve created a new WordPress blog theme, I always write it from scratch. This time was… Read More »

How to Consciousness on the screen? 2021

In these times of pandemic we are seeing our close people almost exclusively through screens. Laptop, phone, tablet or TV screen. The pandemic brought us a cyberpunk reality that I did not imagine living. I always thought it would be science fiction but here we are, and our reality has all the ingredients for a… Read More »

Updates in Picando Code: privacy policy, HTTPS and more

  As I mentioned recently, I have been investing a little time in the blog and I have been improving some things little by little. Chopping code in maintenance Among these things that I have been doing, I updated the Privacy Policy of the site. I recently deleted all the codes that I ever used… Read More »

Develop Adobe Flex on GNU / Linux

One of the new technologies that I have been learning in the new job is Adobe Flex. It is a Flash-based development kit for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA). In addition, thanks to its support for AIR, it can also be used for desktop application development. It uses MXML, an XML-based markup language, to define… Read More »