Asia Cup 2023: ‘Red Alert’ in Kandy ahead of India-Pakistan match, Met department predicts big

By | September 1, 2023

The India-Pakistan match will be played on September 2 in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Pakistan’s explosive debut in the Asia Cup 2023 has raised the curiosity of fans for September 2. The most important match of the tournament will be played between India and Pakistan on September 2. The match is to be played between seven-time champions India and two-time champions Pakistan in Kandy, Sri Lanka Which will be like a teaser of the clash between these two in the World Cup. There is a fear of outside forces influencing this curiosity of the fans and the hype that is being created about the match. This external force is the Kandy city weather, which may worsen the situation with its interference in the next two days.

The situation may worsen by tomorrow
The Asia Cup began with the first match between Pakistan and Nepal in Multan, but many of the tournament’s biggest matches are scheduled to take place in Sri Lanka, with India and Pakistan being the most important. The match is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 2 in the central Sri Lankan city of Kandy. Ahead of this match, it started raining in Kandy after around 4 pm today, due to which the match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh was affected for a while. It is feared that the situation may worsen by tomorrow.

Red alert for rain in Kandy
The Sri Lanka Meteorological Department has issued a gloomy forecast for the Indian and Pakistani teams and millions of fans of both. Accordingly, a red alert has been issued for the next 24 hours from central Sri Lanka to the southern part. According to Red Alert, around 100 millimeters of rain may fall in these areas in the next 24 hours and that includes the entire Kandy. Although this red alert is currently in place until 1pm tomorrow, there is a chance of rain even after that.

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