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Model Mia Khalifa is very active on social media. Let us tell you that Mia has worked in the adult industry for a long time. Because of this, he has a lot of followers on social media. At the same time, Mia has retired from the porn industry some time back. Mia often shares her pictures and videos on social media. He has more than 20 million followers on Instagram.

Mia Khalifa cried bitterly
Mia Khalifa wept bitterly after retiring from adult films

Fans like his pictures very much. Let us tell you that these days a video of Mia is becoming very viral on social media. In the video, Mia is seen crying bitterly. All the fans are surprised by her crying like this. Let us tell you that Mia was seen crying because of her favorite NBA star John Wall.

this is the reason for crying

Let us tell you that Mia Khalifa, who has made millions of people her fan, is a big fan of NBA star John Wall. She follows them. Because of her, Mia was also supporting the Washington Wizards. But on a recent trade exchange, the Washington Wizards added Rachel Westbrook to their team in place of NBA star John Wall. Mia Khalifa became very sad to know this. Let us tell you that Mia is such a big fan of John Wall that she started crying when she did not join the team.

Along with Mia, many fans were also saddened by John Wall not joining the team. The same Mia also posted her crying video on her Instagram account. Along with Mia, John Wall’s fans also commented on this video. Everyone believes that John should be included in the team.

In the caption of broken heart _

Let us inform that along with the video of Mia Khalifa, a picture of John Wall has also been shared on his social media account. While posting the photo, he also told the condition of his broken heart in the caption. Mia Khalifa has created many broken heart emojis in the caption. Along with this, Mia Khalifa says that you will not support Washington Wizards.

This madness of Mia for her favorite star is being liked by her fans. Many people praised Mia Khalifa’s sense of humor in the comment section. At the same time, many fans forbade him to cry like this. Let us tell you that this is not the first time that such a video of Mia has gone viral. His every post becomes viral in no time.

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