अपने पतियों की बेवफाई से तंग आ गयी है यह अभिनेत्रियां, एक ने तो ले लिया था अलग होने का फैसला


As beautiful as it looks to see the life of TV stars on the big screen, it is full of thorns in real life. Recently, TV star Karan Mehra has separated from his wife Nisha Rawal. Nisha accused Karan of having a relationship with someone even after marriage. Like Nisha Rawal, many Bollywood actresses have also been troubled by their husband’s affair. An actress had even taken a decision to separate from her husband due to an affair. So let’s know today about those actresses who have been troubled by their husbands.

actresses are fed up with their husbands' infidelity
These actresses are fed up with their husbands’ infidelity

Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgan, known for his calm nature, has had a very successful career. But there was a time when Ajay Devgan’s name was associated with drama queen Kangana Ranaut. Kangana and Ajay first met on the sets of the film. Kajol was stunned by the news of Kangana and Ajay’s dating.

shahrukh khan

The name of Shahrukh Khan, who is called the King of Romance, has also been very much ahead in the matter of dating. Many people must have heard the news of Priyanka and Shahrukh’s relationship. After hearing the news of Priyanka and Shahrukh’s affair, Gauri Khan had decided to divorce her. However, later Gauri told Shahrukh in clear words that he should stop meeting and talking to Priyanka.

Amitabh Bachchan

The name of Amitabh Bachchan, who married Jaya Bachchan after a hit film, has been associated with Rekha for a long time. The news of Rekha and Amitabh’s affair made his wife Jaya very upset.

It is said that one day Jaya Bachchan invited Rekha to her house for dinner and said something that Rekha completely separated from Amitabh.

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